Common Problems With An Automatic Gate And The Potential Causes

Having an automatic gate at the end of your driveway is an excellent value to your home and property. This gate allows you to control who is allowed on your property and ho is not, which totally upgrades the security level of your property. However, automatic gates can sometimes have problems, especially when they are older or they have been in use for a long time without the proper maintenance. As a homeowner, it is good if you know how to spot the most common gate problems and the possible causes. Here is a look at a few of those problems with automatic gates and potential solutions. 

The gate only opens halfway and then closes. 

If your gate is refusing to open completely before it closes back up, there could be an issue with the sensors on either side of the gate. Most gates do have a safety feature integrated so that if there is a vehicle or person in the way, it will not completely open. Thankfully, this issue is an easy fix in most cases; you will only have to go out and clean the sensors really well so they can clearly see there is nothing in the way and it is safe to open. 

The gate jams when it rains or when the lock gets wet. 

The lock on an automatic gate is electronically controlled, so if it is refusing to open when there is wet weather, it is likely a problem with the electronic controls of the gate. Check the electronic control box of the gate to see if there is excess moisture on or in it. If there is, there is a high likelihood that this is what is causing the problem with the gate getting jammed. This box should be resilient to water, so if the problem persists, you will have to have the control box replaced. 

The gate makes a lot of noise when it is activated. 

Having an automatic gate automatically ups the status of your home in the neighborhood, but if the thing rattles and makes all kinds of noises during operation, it's a little embarrassing. Most of the time, noises like rattling and popping can be resolved by ensuring the hardware that holds the gate in place is tightened. Additionally, you should grease the moving parts regularly to keep them freely moving. If the noises persist, have a professional check out the gate's motor to ensure nothing is wrong there. 

To learn more, contact a gate repair service company near you.