Renovating Your Home With Smart LED Light Bulbs

If you are refurbishing your home one of the biggest innovations you can ask your electrical contractor to help you with is the installation of Smart LED bulbs. Smart bulbs are amazing and they provide an endless amount of options for lighting that you are sure to find indispensable. Here are the major benefits of these light bulbs and why you should try them.

Dimming The Smart Way

Dimming your lights is now hassle free. There is no need to install a dimmer switch, since your smart bulbs will be able to dim on their own. The light bulbs can be controlled from your mobile device and this makes it easy to maintain control form near and far distances. If you go on vacation you can still control your lights from wherever in the world you are. Dim them or turn them on or off at your leisure. This is great for security and it will also help you to save some money on energy costs even while you are away from home.

Set The Mood

You can easily set the mood for any room in your home because the bulbs have the ability to change color. You can change how a room looks at night or perhaps set the mood for a holiday without having to go through the trouble of changing light bulbs.

Feel The Rhythm

There are some smart bulbs that have built in speakers installed. These built in speakers let you easily put music in any room in your home . This is a real bonus especially around the holidays when you may want to fill your home with holiday music so that your family can get in the mood for the festive season. Of course you don't have to use this feature only around the holidays you can use it to fill your home with music anytime of the year.

Sleep Friendly

One of the best features of some of these bulbs is the ability to give off color temperatures and tones that are sleep friendly. The sleep friendly lighting that the bulbs emit at night increases melatonin production which assists you with sleeping better.

The advent of smart bulbs means that lighting your home has gotten easier, with unique features you are sure to find interesting Smart LED bulbs add innovation and efficiency to your lighting system. It is well worth the investment to have your electrical contractor change the bulbs in your home to this revolutionary lighting option as part of your home renovation project. Contact a service, like A To Z Electric Co., for more help.