Stop Wasting Money On Energy Costs: Tips For Saving On Your Home's Consumption

One of the most expensive parts of a household budget is the home energy costs. Unfortunately, many homeowners simply accept their home energy expenses as something they can't do anything about. The truth is that you can help to reduce your energy consumption and cost by making some changes around your house. Some changes are simple and very affordable, while others may be larger scale and require more of an investment. Here are some things you can do to help manage your home energy costs.

Appliance Changes

Your home's appliances will consume a lot of energy. Luckily, there are changes you can make no matter what your budget might be. Obviously, the largest investments would be to replace all of your appliances, including your water heater, with more efficient models. However, if you don't have the money to invest in that, smaller changes can make a big difference, too.

Change all of the light bulbs in your house to CFL bulbs. They are the most energy efficient, and they can save you significantly over time. Plus, they last longer than traditional light bulbs, which can save you on replacement costs.

Place an insulating blanket around your hot water tank. This will help to hold the heat in so it doesn't have to run as much. Plus, turning the temperature down a few degrees on the heater will also save you significantly.

Skip the hot water wash and opt for warm and cold washes on your washing machine instead. Doing this will reduce your hot water demand, and therefore minimize the energy your hot water heater uses.

Put thermometers in your refrigerator and freezer, then adjust the temperature control so that you aren't keeping them colder than they really need to be. Also, make sure that the gasket around the door of each one is in good condition and not leaking air.

Structural Upgrades

Structural upgrades tend to be a bit more costly, but the return on the investment is also more significant. If you really want to make a big change to your home's energy use, have the insulation evaluated and upgraded in the walls, ceiling, and attic.

While you're at it, you can also have all of the windows in your home inspected. If the windows themselves are leaking or the frames need to be replaced, this is a perfect time to upgrade to better insulated, more efficient windows.

You can also add weather stripping, caulk, and other similar items to your doors and windows to help minimize air leaks. Look for any gaps in the flooring and walls as well, and seal those, too. The more proactive you are, the less energy waste you'll experience. Contact a service, like Craftsman Electric Inc, for more help.