Upgrade A Few Of Your Electrical Outlets For USB Charging

If you're like a lot of people, you probably have many electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones that need to be charged every day. A convenient way to do that is to charge them with a USB outlet; that frees up the outlet holes for traditional plugs for things like lamps. Here are some things to know about upgrading a few of your outlets to charge your devices with a USB cable.

You Could Do It Yourself

If you don't mind a bulky outlet, you can buy an outlet that fits over your current one. This isn't the most attractive option, but it gives you the ability to plug a USB cable right into the wall. One problem with this choice is that you may sacrifice one of the spaces for a traditional plug, which defeats the purpose of installing the new outlets to make more space. This happens because the USB ports replace one of the sets of plug holes. A better choice is to have an electrician install a recessed outlet that replaces your existing one.

Hiring An Electrician Is Better

One reason to hire an electrician is because a USB outlet is much larger in the back than a traditional outlet; it's possible there won't be enough space to squeeze it into place. Installation could require taking out the old junction box and putting in a new one so the USB outlet fits. This could be a task that includes removing some drywall and then patching it back up again. However, if you want a flat outlet cover that matches the shape and design of your other outlets, then positioning the USB outlet properly will be necessary.

If your home is newer, this might not be as big of a problem as upgrading an outlet in an older home. Fortunately, you won't need to upgrade that many outlets. You might want a USB outlet in each bedroom and another one in the living room.

The cost of having a USB outlet installed will vary according to the amount of labor needed. Since you're upgrading an existing outlet, the wiring is already in place. If the outlet can be switched without putting in a new junction box and tearing out drywall, the cost will be much less expensive. However, it's probably worth the cost for the convenience of having a built-in charging station, considering how tablets and smartphones are an important part of daily life and you need to keep them operational in a convenient way.

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