4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Recessed Lighting For The Bathroom

Recessed lighting is a popular fixture in many modern homes. So, if you are remodeling your bathroom, it is no surprise that you want to add this lighting style to your design. On their own, these lights are already awesome, but when a homeowner takes the time to choose the ideal light style, the results can be stellar. 

1. Bulb Style

Compact fluorescent (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) are the two primary options for recessed lighting. Undoubtedly, you should try to sway towards LED for your bathroom update. LED lights have a higher purchase point, but when you factor in the cost-savings they offer in the form of increased energy efficiency, they ultimately end up being the cheaper option. Not to mention the light they produce is often crisper and will help give the bathroom an overall more updated look. 

2. Trim Style

Make sure you only look at recessed lights with a wet trim. In short, trim is the housing in which the light is installed inside. Unlike other rooms of the house, the trim must be water-resistant in this space. Choosing an option that does not meet this goal will mean that the fixture is susceptible to corrosion and other damage, which will mean a premature replacement. Wet trim options will last longer.

3. Beam Spread

The beam spread of the light is a measure of how the light is cast. Recessed lighting is available in several options, with flood being on one end of the spectrum and narrow and spot spreads being on the other. A flood beam style means that the light cast is wide, whereas, with a spot or narrow spread, it is more focused. You always want to go with a more focused light since many of the tasks you complete in the bathroom require direct light. 

4. Color Temperature

The temperature at which the light reads is also an important factor. Color temperature determines a light's resemblance to natural light. Again, since many of the tasks performed in the bathroom require good lighting, you want to choose lighting that more closely resembles the outside sky in the middle of a sunny day. You should aim to stay near the middle of the color temperature scale to achieve this type of effect.

Keep all of these tips in mind as you plan the lighting design for your new bathroom, but most importantly, do not hesitate to rely on the professional expertise of the electrician that will assist you with the install, as well. To get started with an electrician, visit this website https://www.jfelectricalcontractors.com/.