3 Ways Electric Motor Rewinding Can Benefit Your Farm Machinery

Electric motors are efficient, versatile power generators that see widespread use in a variety of industries. Powerful electric motors can be particularly useful for farms and other agricultural operations, and electric motors are used to power grain elevators, feed conveyors, milking stations, and other essential equipment.

However, while electric motors are generally very reliable, they will suffer from gradual wear and tear with time and frequent use, causing them to lose efficiency and potentially break down entirely. If your farm, ranch, or orchard's electric motors aren't performing as well as they once did, having them professionally rewound can have numerous benefits.

How Can Motor Rewinding Benefit Your Farm's Electric Motors?

Restore Power And Efficiency

Conventional electric motors like those commonly used on farms use rotating electromagnets, known as 'coils', to generate usable electrical energy. The constant rotation of these magnets naturally subjects them to a lot of wear and tear, which can reduce their ability to generate power over time. Other common problems, such as overheating and dust contamination, can also damage coils.

During the motor rewinding process, electric motor technicians strip out and replace the damaged coils inside your electric motor, along with any other damaged components. When performed by a reputable electric motor rewinding service, motor rewinding can restore your farm's electric motor to the point where it matches or exceeds its original efficiency rating.

Prevent More Serious Issues

If your electric motor has only lost a small amount of efficiency or generation capacity, you might be tempted to leave it alone, especially if it is used to power relatively simple machinery such as conveyors.

However, the coil damage that causes electric motors to deteriorate can also cause collateral damage to other components of the motor, particularly the motor's core.Replacing the core of an agricultural-grade electric motor can be hugely expensive and time-consuming, and in many cases having the entire motor scrapped and replaced is the cheaper and faster option.

Having your electric motor professionally rewound as soon as you spot signs of significant deterioration is the most effective way to prevent damage to the core, as well as other expensive and delicate components.

Improve Motor Insulation

During a motor rewind, the motor's original coil insulation must also be stripped out and replaced. For many agricultural users, this presents a valuable opportunity to install upgraded insulation in the restored motor, improving its future durability and longevity.

Until quite recently, almost all commercial electric motors coils were dipped in liquid epoxy varnishes, which are durable but can be vulnerable to excessive vibration and chemical contamination. Since many agricultural electric motors can be used for decades, many farmers still rely on motors insulated using this dated technique.

If you have a motor that needs rewinding, consider paying a little extra to have the new coils insulated using vacuum pressure impregnation (or VPI). This technique uses powerful vacuum chambers to force insulating resin deep in the surfaces of the new motor coils. This unique insulation method can significantly improve your reconditioned motor's durability and energy efficiency. For more information, talk to an electric motor rewind specialist today.