Installing Lighting For Your Sports Field

Schools, churches, and other facilities will often have sports fields that can be used to host events, competitions, and other activities. These fields may need to be used during the evening or night hours, which will make it necessary to provide them with a sufficient amount of lighting. 

There Are Energy Efficiency Upgrades That Can Keep The Lighting Costs For Your Sports Field Low

Concerns about the overall costs of operating largescale sports field lighting systems can contribute to the choices that people will make for providing their field with lighting. One option for reducing the costs of illuminating a large sports field will be installing lights that use LEDs. Despite the fact that LEDs will be far more energy-efficient than other options, they will still be able to provide enough light for the entire field. However, placement of these lights may be more of an important factor as they can tend to provide more direct light while more traditional lighting systems may provide light that is more dispersed.

The Maintenance Needs Of The Lighting System Should Be Given Special Consideration Before Buying An Option

To provide illumination of the entire sports field, the lighting system will need to be high off the ground. While this will make it easier for the lights to illuminate the needed area, it can make them more difficult to maintain as they can be hard to reach. This can be particularly noticeable when a light bulb needs to be replaced. Reviewing the average expected life span of the lights that the system will use can make it easier to choose an option that will not require frequent light bulb changes. Additionally, choosing lights that support multiple bulbs can allow these systems to continue to work even when one of the bulbs has failed.

Sports Field Lighting May Benefit From Emergency Battery Backups

A power outage can be a major disruption for an evening sporting event. In addition to making it too dark for the athletes to be able to play, a power failure may also cause the area to become too dark for the audience to be able to safely navigate to the exits. One option for preventing these issues is to install emergency battery backups for the lights. These systems will be able to activate during a power outage so that light can continue to be provided to the facility. If you have a relatively small or limited battery backup, you may want to configure the lighting to transition to a lower output during an outage as this can allow it to provide light for longer before the batteries fail.

Contact a local electrician to learn more about sports field lighting