How a Backup Generator Will Benefit Your Restaurant

If you're opening up a new restaurant, consider if it's worth having a backup generator installed. A commercial electrician can install a backup generator so it automatically kicks on when the power goes out. Here are some ways a backup generator can benefit your restaurant.

A Power Outage Won't Drive Away Customers

If the power goes out during the busy dinner hours, your customers might have to leave if they don't like dining by candlelight. Even if your customers are okay with the lack of lighting, your kitchen won't be able to function without electricity. Since power outages can last a long time, a loss of power could drive away your customers and cause you a loss of money. When you have a backup generator installed, the power transfer to the generator is immediate, so your customers won't be disturbed at all. When your restaurant has power, it may bring you even more customers if people can't cook at home and they see your restaurant has power.

Your Food Won't Go Bad When the Power Goes Out

When the commercial electrician hooks up your generator, you can have them connect the circuits you want. You may not want to run your entire building when the power is out because that would require a larger generator and increase the cost.

In that case, the electrician can just connect the circuits that keep your food cold and frozen. When the electrician visits your business, you can discuss your goals. Knowing what you want continuous power to helps you choose the right size for your generator and it also helps your electrician install it properly and make sure you comply with code regulations. By having a generator power your refrigerators and freezer during a long blackout, you can avoid a loss of food that costs you money and delays how quickly you can open back up.

You Can Continue to Process Credit Cards

Even if you decide to let your customers finish their meals by candlelight, you may not have a way to accept money if your credit card processing equipment is done. Your customers may not be prepared to pay in cash, and that could create problems for you and them both. When you have a backup generator, your essential equipment will remain operational so you can deal with a short term outage more easily and with little disruption for your customers.

Ask commercial electrician services to install your new generator so it meets code and is safe for your building. The generator connects to your electrical panel and a natural gas line so it is always on standby and ready to flip on when it senses a dip in power.